Liquid-Cooled Motor

Only Bike in Sri Lanka with a Liquid Cooled Motor
Dissipate Heat & Ultra-Long Endurance

The device employs a liquid-cooled technique that boosts the motor efficiency up to 90%, resulting in a temperature drop of 30°C. With the aid of a gas exchange system and a sealing ring, the device is IP67 waterproof and rust-proof, preventing demagnetization and ensuring the motor's longevity. The improved motor efficiency also enhances the device's power and endurance.

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Ceramic Brakes

Braking Distance Is Shortened By 1 Meter
Extended Service Life By 5 Times

Pads are made of ceramic composite materials that possess high-temperature resistance and are wear-resistant. In tandem with a structure that reduces labor, the braking system will be both sensitive and stable. This will result in a reduction of braking distance by one meter, and an extension of the service life by five times.

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Fully Sealed Fast Charger

Charging Speed Is Twice As Fast
Plug into Any Wall Socket

By using the high-power fast charger, you can reduce the charging time to three hours. The charger is designed with a double shell, where the inner metal shell is fully sealed to dissipate heat quickly, and the outer plastic shell is insulated and heat-proof. Once the charging is complete, the input power is automatically cut off.

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Air-Cooled Controller

Easier Loading & Climbing
Enhanced Heat Dissipation

The built-in air-cooled controller radiator reduces the operating temperature by 30 degrees, increases speed and climbing power, and efficiently recycles battery charge when braking or going downhill.

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SOC Intelligent Mileage Management System

Accurate Display of Battery Capacity
Range Improved by 10%

The intelligent mileage management system and the liquid-cooled motor work together to improve the overall performance of the vehicle. The system accurately displays the remaining electric capacity with a precision of over 95%. It also adjusts the output power based on the available electric capacity, resulting in an improved endurance of over 10%.

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